Advisory Boards



Grow Your Business to the Next Level by Creating a Diverse Advisory Board

Capital investments and employee recruitment are not the only ways to grow a business. You can gain talent and expertise without expensive costs by creating an advisory board made up of diverse, successful leaders and executives. Diversity in Boardrooms can help you leverage the intellectual and social capital those diverse leaders offer.

Diversity in Boardrooms works directly with CEOs to create strategic advisory boards that provide objective expertise, business acumen, and a network of new business contacts that can generate leads for the business.

Advisory boards are the perfect solution for companies large and small that desire to grow to the next level. Advisory boards add value but are not legally liable for the business: They do not have fiduciary responsibility, have no company authority, and have no fixed size or composition.

What a Diverse Advisory Board Can Do for Your Company

Advisory boards can re-energize a company in several ways, including:

  • Advising on new products and services
  • Introducing the CEO or VP of Sales to prospective new clients
  • Developing new positioning or strategy for the company one that differentiates it more clearly from the competition and anchors it within the context of a global economy
  • Making technology recommendations

Diversity in Boardrooms can help you select which areas of expertise your business needs most to enhance its growth and profitability, and to meet your specific goals.

How Much Should You Pay Advisory Board Members?

Diversity in Boardrooms can advise you on a pay scale based on your company’s revenues and your cash flow management plan. As your Advisory Board Members add value to your company’s success, you can decide to increase the board’s compensation.

Want to Be an Advisory Board Facilitator?

If you are a business coach, financial advisor, or attorney, interested in gaining company board-related experience, and know of CEOs who want to grow their business through the assistance of an outside council, then becoming an Advisory Board Facilitator might be the right option for you.

An Advisory Board Facilitator is a paid contributor to an Advisory Board created by Diversity in Boardrooms. The amount you receive can be negotiated with the help of Diversity in Boardrooms, either as a straight remuneration or, if your own employer does not allow you to receive compensation for the role of facilitator, as a donation to the charity of your choice.