Advisory Council Benefits

Value Proposition:  External Advisory Councils

A Few Company benefits:
•    Objective and practical advice on enhancing a company’s plans and practices
•    Supplement in-house business experience, competencies
•    External insight to develop strategic initiatives tied to improving the company’s success
•    Third party perspectives on benchmarking data
•    Cultivate deeper external partnerships to support accountability on progress towards goals
•    Client and marketing expertise to enhance connection with products and services
•    Credible Ambassadors representing the company in the community
•    A bench of external speakers specifically qualified and available for key events
•    Valued counsel in external marketplace, industry and regional context
•    Objective leaders that can bring the unfiltered voices of people who have the perspectives of clients, suppliers, legislators, etc
•    Consult on best practices for community investment initiatives
•    Quantify challenges as well as successes
•    Accelerate change through recommendations on both rewards and consequences
•    An open forum for communication between company’s senior management and diverse representation of leaders from the community
•    A vehicle to position the company for competitive advantage and create positive public relations

Included in the Offering:
•    Identify your needs and objectives
•    Determine the specific experiences and competencies needed on your external Advisory Council
•    Source and  vet candidates, supporting you, as the Advisory Council Chair, through the final selection process
•    Facilitate the introduction and rapid on-boarding of the external Advisory Council
•    Assist Advisory Council Chair to support first year’s meetings