Corporate Boards

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Increase Your Company Profitability through Corporate Board Diversity

The financial crisis of the last few years has called into question the status quo, and boards of directors across the nation have had to rethink their approach to business success.

Both SEC-mandated disclosures in proxy statements and academic studies have demonstrated that ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity of board directors translates into value creation and improved performance. Diversity includes varied expertise, geographic location, and industry background.

Diversity in Boardrooms assists American companies to enhance their growth, profitability, and social responsibility. We recruit and refer diverse board candidates with expertise to match a company’s specific needs. Diversity in Boardrooms has made its mission to refer diverse directors who add value to a company’s profitability and remember to make decisions that consider all stakeholders: employees, investors, and the community.

Specifically, Diversity in Boardrooms helps companies who seek to:

  • Increase revenues and profits
  • Improve the effectiveness of their board
  • Obtain new talent and are open to the selection of qualified women or minorities
  • Replace a retiring board member with qualified individuals of ethnic, cultural, and/or gender diversity

Using a systematic, seven-step process, Diversity in Boardrooms evaluates candidates expertise, experience, and intangible strengths, as well as their thought process, talents, and ethnic, and/or cultural diversity.

Benefits of Hiring Diversity in Boardrooms for Corporate Board Diversity Search

  • Strong Business Network — Diversity in Boardrooms is the brain child of Cindy Burrell, who brings decades of experience in diverse executive search. She relies on a trusted and expansive network of direct, personal contacts and recommendations to identify executives that will match clients corporate cultures and areas of expertise.
  • Price Competitiveness — Diversity in Boardrooms keeps its overhead expenses to a minimal level and is able to transfer the savings to the client company, charging much less than other executive search firms that focus on board recruiting.
  • Flawless Search Execution Process — Diversity in Boardrooms process makes for a smooth, efficient, and dynamic solution.
  • Measurable Results — Diversity in Boardrooms uses verifiable research to illustrate the profitability achieved when a corporate board becomes diverse.

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